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Landlord Property Fraud

Landlords – beware of Property Fraud

Landlords, beware of Property Fraud – Land Registry A potential problem for Landlords over recent years is the tenant pretending he is the owner and re-mortgaging your property or even selling it on to someone else. For example in the...

Landlord Property Fraud

Gazumped – the facts!

I’ve just read something on Facebook where someone trying to buy a house was gazumped and they aren’t happy about it. So far, I agree, I wouldn’t be either but then they go on to blame the Estate Agent selling...


Traditional Property Agents need to wake-up and smell the coffee!

Traditional Estate and Letting Agents are often to be found on social media forums giving each other mutual support about how their way of selling or renting property is correct and anyone that does it differently is either a) stupid; b) a...