Great Customer Service Needn’t Mean High Fees

So you can only give great service if you charge high fees?

In my experience, you either have a good customer service ethic or you don’t. The fee should have nothing to do with it.

In the end, high fees are simply about high running costs and large profits. Pretend superior customer service from high fee Estate and Letting Agents is a red herring set to distract you from questioning the value for money you are getting.

21st Century

Over 90% of buyers and over 95% of tenants find the property they eventually buy or rent on the internet, not by slogging around or ‘phoning all the estate agents shops – it’s just modern life!

So the high street agent’s shop no longer has anything to do with finding their clients buyers or tenants – it’s just a very expensive advertising hoarding and somewhere for their staff to sit. And who pays for this large out of date and unnecessary cost? Of course, the Sellers and the Landlords!

Too many traditional high street agents have the business model they do because they’ve always done it like that, which we all know is a terrible reason to be doing anything; it smacks of complacency, laziness and taking their clients for granted.

Think outside the box – you don’t need to compromise on service to reduce your operating costs and agents certainly shouldn’t be using fictitious customer service differences as the excuse to continue with their old-fashioned, client fleecing business model.

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