Cass Properties launches a professional and affordable service for Home Buyers!

Think Location, Location, Location. Nice, kind and knowledgeable Phil sits with his clients and goes over the pros and cons of a house and advises them on what they could do to improve it and how much to pay for it.

Well, I’m just as nice, kind and knowledgeable as Phil, but with more hair!

When the house market is rising, buying decisions are relatively easy. You find the perfect location & house for you and, even if you suspect the house may be a bit over-priced, you go for it because a) someone else will buy it if you don’t and b) with the market going up, in 6 -12 months’ time it’ll be worth what you’re paying for it anyway. No harm done.

However, in an unstable and falling market, buying decisions are not so easy.

The worry that you may be over-paying and that in 6-12 months’ time the house may be worth less that you have paid for it, is a real one. Particularly for those with mortgages at 90% or more of the property value.

But who do you turn to for advice?

You can’t ask the Estate Agent selling the property because they work for the Seller and as such will talk the price up not down.

So, you rely on gut-instinct or friends and family who, with the best will in the world, are unlikely to have a detailed knowledge of the property market. Not perhaps the best method for making the largest financial commitment of your life to date.

So, Cass Properties offers a very affordable but professional service to give prospective buyers the knowledgeable advice they need about the local market generally and about a specific property in particular. Whether buying-to-let or buying a home to live in, we are there and on your side.

Saffron Walden Buyer Help

So, who is this service for?

Well anyone buying who isn’t an expert in the local Saffron Walden area property market. But First Time Buyers; Buy-to-Let Landlords; and those who haven’t bought/sold a property for a few years are the most likely to benefit.

The service is a simple one offering two options.

Option 1 – you tell us about a house for sale you are interested in. We look at it on Rightmove and the Agent’s website, do some historical price checking as well as checking it against other similar properties in the area and using this alongside our local knowledge, give you a short written report on the current market and our view of the asking price with pros and cons of the property for you to consider;

Cost for Option 1

£50 for one property report and just £25 for each subsequent property report. So, if you’ve narrowed it down to three properties and want us to go through them for you, this would cost just £100.

Option 2 – In addition to the research in Option 1, we visit the property with you, have a discussion about it afterwards, and give you a more detailed report on the current market and our view of the asking price with pros and cons of the property;

Cost for Option 2 

£100 to take into account the extra time involved. Again though, for each subsequent property, we would charge just £50. So, if you wanted us to come with you and view your three short-listed properties, this would cost just £200 and could prevent a mistake costing you £000’s! It’s a very worthwhile investment.

Just call or email if you would like to discuss how we can help ensure you have all the information you need to make your buying decision the right one.